adidas Predator Accuracy.3 FG kids orange black


Say hel­lo to the adi­das Preda­tor firm ground foot­ball shoe in orange, which was first brought to the mar­ket in April 2023 – it gives good ball con­trol and real­ly deliv­ers on accel­er­a­tion. With this foot­ball shoe, you can eas­i­ly play with speed and pre­ci­sion on dry nat­ur­al grass pitch­es. You can be sure the nor­mal lac­ing offer excel­lent sta­bil­i­ty and a snug fit for your foot. With its mould­ed soles, this shoe allows play­ers in any posi­tion to be mas­ter of the ball in every moment. Before you know it, this nat­ur­al grass shoe will become one of your best assets. When you want some­thing that is excep­tion­al­ly com­fort­able to wear all day long, has added elas­tic­i­ty for a bet­ter fit and is so light it feels weight­less, then this is just the prod­uct you need. On top of that, it offers a durable design for long-last­ing qual­i­ty and added grip to boost trac­tion. Join star play­er Paul Pog­ba and put your faith in these boots from the Preda­tor range by adi­das, guar­an­teed to offer excel­lent qual­i­ty

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